Bed Bug Extermination without the use of chemicals

The first option many chose when trying to rid themselves of bed bugs, is to apply some form of chemical pesticide. These include dust products such as diatomaceous earth or boric acid (known to be flammable), and residual sprays. The biggest benefit to using chemicals is the fast application time. But often times, the lower price of initial chemical application is what lures people in.

While chemical treatments can be successful. They require a huge amount of preparation, daily inspections, and need to be repeated on multiple occasions for up to 2 months. While the first chemical application is typically cheaper than a heat treatment, two applications or more add up very quickly. A prime reason a warranty is not offered with chemical treatments, is, more often than not, they are unsuccessful.

 Why is Heat better?

Thermal remediation or just plain HEAT, is the only 100% proven method to effectively and quickly kill bed bugs in all stages of growth. With the use of special electric heaters and high power fans we rapidly heat each room to above 122°F. Our electric heaters produce an astounding 106,00 BTU’s of heat! This allows us to elevate the temperature quickly. In turn preventing bed bugs from having the time to burrow into your walls or mattresses, only to resurface after temperatures have dropped.  We are able to catch bed bugs off guard before they have a chance to scurry away.

Unlike some of our competition, we bring our own power to the job site. Using a sound attenuated diesel generator, we are able to heat your home using electric heaters big enough to do the job right. Some businesses use propane heaters, but in practice, electric heaters are far safer than propane heaters. Using propane can elevate the carbon dioxide level in your home, making it unsafe for the heat treatment crew to adjust fans and heaters as needed. With the use of electric heaters, we maintain a safer work environment.